Sunday, February 27, 2011

Save Libya.

Somewhat of what is happening in Libya

The people of Libya are following the actions of Egypt and Tunisia and overthrowing their dictator Gaddafi who has been in power for 42 years. When the protests began he cut the internet, jammed cell phone lines, jammed cable TV and banned reporters from the country, making it very difficult to get news out. He ordered the army to fire on the people, and ordered fighter pilots to fire on them from the air. Apparently most of the army is refusing these orders, and he has had to pay hired mercenaries (assumed to be from Guinea and Nigeria where there have been pamphlets being distributed offering $2000 a day to shoot on anyone they think are protesters) to attack the protesters. Two high ranking army officers defected and flew out of the country with their fighter jets when ordered to fire on the people, and a number of Libyan ambassadors around the world have resigned in protest. Hundreds have died, with quite horrific wounds, but no one has a death toll yet because it's so hard to get news out of the country. They believe at least 300 dead is the current and very conservative guess.
All the rebellions are happening now because the younger and better educated generations of these countries are using the internet and social media to connect and organize, and because the effectiveness of peaceful protests is being recognized. The internet is now, the one of the world's if not the World's most powerful way to get around the word of corrupt Government news, and the voice of the people.

How to support Libya. 

Spread the news around and get the word out. Blogs,morale support, all will help the people of Libya. Donate to help with, medicine, clothes, shelter and food. 

Below are videos of what is happening, to get an idea, much worse is still going. 

                                                          ~~Warning Videos are gruesome.~~

Below is President Obama's response. 

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  1. These events reach far beyond Libya. Yesterday a friend linked me to a handy map about the unrest throughout the middle east:

    My heart goes out to those who have lost their lives during this transformation, but I think that we will all live in a better world because of it.