Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to read .cbr.

Well since this is my first REAL place, I deiced to make this post dedicated to reading .cbr files because I had trouble trying to figure it out. it is really simple.

1. Have the program winrar downloaded.
2. Have the comic you want ready
3. Right Click the .cbr file

4. change the file type by removing '.cbr' and typing '.rar'

5. After click 'ok' the file should change to something like this...

6. Double click it and it will open all the 'jpeg image files'

A good tip so you won't have to click them one at a time is to create a folder and name it the same name
Than on winrar press 'ctrl + a' to select all and then drag the files into the new folder.

Hopefully this will be very helpful.

Hope you enjoyed.

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